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From the time I was about four years old every year for Christmas I got those little plastic toy guitars and every year I’d ask for a real one. I’d play it for hours at a time (mostly trying to tune it I think). One day I was really upset about the toy guitars and my big brother taught me to play a song on the first string called “Love Me Tender” by some guy named Elvis. I adored my big brother and that made me feel better about the plastic toy guitar for awhile.


In 1963, I was just a little kid when I watched mesmerized and misty eyed as 4 long haired mop tops from Liverpool England played a few songs on the Ed Sullivan show. I decided then and there I was going to learn to play a real guitar – I was going to play “Twist and Shout!”


It was at least two  years before I actually saved up enough money to buy my first guitar. By my 11th birthday I had saved up just over $27 and I asked my Mama if I could go “down-city” with her next time she went to pay bills and get a real guitar. She said “Oh … I think so” with that all-knowing Mama grin.


When the 1st of the month came Mama and I went to the bank and paid the mortgage and went around the corner to a store called ‘The Debutant Shop.’ Mama always liked to go to there. A few ladies she grew up with owned the place.  She was looking at these little gold slippers. I could tell she really liked them. They were $7.50. She got herself a pair of nylon stockings and went to the cash register to pay for them. I ask her why she didn’t take the slippers and she said “Oh well you know I don’t really need them.”


Mama rarely bought anything for herself and her birthday was in 2 weeks so, I while she was talking to the lady in the store I sneaked over and bought them for her. I was very proud of myself. I walked out of the store smiling and Mama asked me what I bought and I said “Oh nothin’ “ and walked up to the music store holding Mamas hand. We always walked swinging our clasped hands. I she was so special! Everyone called her “Ma.”


When we got to the music store I saw MY guitar.  It was a cheap little red and black Stella with thick Black Diamond strings that sounded like crap no matter what you did but right now it was beautiful! I asked the man to take it down for me and held it in my hands. THEN I noticed the price tag! “But it was only $20 last time I was here!” I whined pathetically. Now it was $24.95! The man just looked at me angrily and grabbed the guitar from my hands. I ran out the door and sat out on carved stone steps and stared to cry.


Mama came out and said “It’s okay honey you still have enough.”  Then she saw the little bag sitting next to me and quietly peeked inside. Somehow she already knew what I did – she always knew. She hugged me tight with tears in her eyes and said “Honey you didn’t have to do that … tell you what, how bout you pay the man what you have and I’ll pay the difference? And you can help me around the house to earn the rest?"


And that’s exactly what we did …. And I was the proud owner of a Stella guitar!


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