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Playing Banjo is a lot of fun. I play Scruggs style 5-string banjo. It  was one of the most exciting instruments for me to play! There’s so many finger picking patterns to remember and it takes awhile to get comfortable with all those picks on your fingers but it’s worth it.


When I first started playing it was impossible to find any information locally because … well banjo just wasn’t a popular instrument here in the Northeast. I couldn’t even find one in a music store here. I bought one while on assignment down south.  I have a habit of searching music stores and pawn shops when I get out of town assignments for work. I am glad to see banjo is becoming popular again! Thank you Bella Fleck!


Without further ado … checkout the banjo pages!



Banjo Lesson Downloads


*  The Banjo      Tuning       Picks     *   FretBroad For G Tuning

  Deejays Basic Rolls    *  Scruggs Style Picking Patterns Using TAB

*    Basic Banjo Chords     *       Basic Banjo Chords & Scales

*   Deejays Chord Inversions

     *  Finding Banjo Scales   Movable Banjo Chords

*  Deejays Banjo Basics

All of the above in one nice neat little PDF file (25 pages)

*  Banjo Tab Paper



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